Last Updated: March 8th, 2022: Please note that all restrictions and requirements are subject to change, so continue to check back in here closer to your event date for current guidelines.

Based on changes made to Key to NYC by Mayor Adams, effective March 7, 2022, proof of full Covid-19 vaccination status will no longer be required for patrons entering the venue unless otherwise noted in the event description.


What is Chelsea Music Hall?
Paying homage to the revelry and rich entertainment culture of Chelsea’s past, the Chelsea Music Hall will showcase a diverse mix of immersive theatre and performances ranging from emerging acts to established artists and world-renowned DJs that are attracted to the intimacy of the room as well as the quality sound system.

Performances will include all types of live music, DJs, comedy, art and theatre and guests are encouraged to pop in any night to discover a piece of NYC culture.

Why should people go to Chelsea Music Hall?
To put it simply: amazing entertainment and DJs, drinks, and good times.


Who is behind Chelsea Music Hall?
Chip Quigley (Kingdom Entertainment: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, The International Emmy Awards, etc.), Michael Barrett (China Club, The Tippler) and Michael Ginsberg (Chelsea Market, The Tippler), the collective CMH Presents team has been managing talent and hospitality at famed venues sized fifty to fifty-thousand for over forty years, ensuring the highest level of hospitality for both artists and their fans.


What should I wear?
Come as you are. Chelsea Music Hall may be underground, but all are welcome. On any given night, locals and visitors should expect to see and hear the best theatre, DJs, comedy, music and art in an intimate setting and feel comfortable staying around to dance into the night.


Where is Chelsea Music Hall?

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